There Are Indeed Side Effects to Sword Swallowing

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Europe & Middle East

It originated in India pioneered by fakirs and shaman priests who wanted to demonstrate their power and connection to the gods. In sword swallowers performed at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago and the craze spread throughout the country. According to SSAI sword swallowing is the act of passing a sword or solid blade at least inches long through the mouth into the stomach.

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I heard she’s down for a bit of sword-swallowing. The headmaster caught him in an act of sword swallowing. References in periodicals archive? Dancing, fire performance, sword swallowing , LED performance, magic, whip and knife tricks, poetry and more was performed during this one night only event. Shows fall under the umbrella of the Dangerous Exhibitions Act, which also offers protection to fire-eating and sword swallowing performances.

Campaign to bring brutal sport into mainstream.

Johnny Fox, Maryland Renaissance Festival sword swallower and nationally known performer, dies

Sword Swallower Survey. As a service to SSAI members, as well as other sword swallowers and the medical community around the world, the Sword Swallowers Association International is conducting a comprehensive survey to collect statistical information and update our database on sword swallowers and the art of sword swallowing. As a fellow sword swallower, your input to these questions is invaluable to us and the medical community at large.

The “official swallow” takes place during the show at p.m., in honor of the 2/​28/15 date. All sword swallowers in the area are invited to.

Photo courtesy Ben Boettger. The swords of various length and width glitter from atop the black tablecloth on the back of the stage. Some look like props from a Shakespearean drama, complete with cupped hilts recognizable from any movie about pirates. These swords are very real, though, and Dan Meyer knows every inch of them. He cleans it expertly and replaces it with the others, some of which have also nearly killed him.

He found himself at the Kenai Peninsula Fair in Ninilchik this weekend as a side trip connected with his upcoming performances at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer from Aug. Despite the rain, a crowd gathered before the stage to watch as he paced through a routine, gradually swallowing larger and larger blades, including a pair of hedge clippers and a large straight razor.

I love doing it. In the s, he found himself in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where he was serving as a missionary. That was where he witnessed sword swallowing for the first time, in the area where it was invented nearly 4, years ago. Everest at sunrise and learning seven languages.


Chris Steele, who goes by the stage name Captain Steele, has performed his sword swallowing stunt for local charities and schools for the last decade. Steele always warns audiences that his stunt is very real and dangerous and this past weekend, it landed him in the ICU. Speaking to Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon from his hospital bed, Steele said he swallowed 13 swords and twisted them during a Halloween show at the Clermont Lounge.

A GoFundMe has been created to help him pay for medical expenses as he continues to recover.

Someone posted a whisper, which reads “Try dating a sword swallower “.

Middle Eastern Dance. Sword Swallowing. Below you will find information on sword swallowing and bellydancing. Sword swallowing started in India around B. It was originally done by Fakirs and Shamans or Priests as a way to show their invulnerability and powers. They also implemented a number of other feats such as lying on a bed of nails, charming snakes, etc The practice spread out of India in the centuries that followed. It was practiced by the Hittites and is found on reliefs dating to around B.

A Dervish order called the Rafais was founded near Basra in C. Sword swallowing has been practiced in Japan, China, and throughout Europe. They are noted as appearing in Europe in the late Middle Ages around B. The practitioners were condemned by the Catholic Church but were popular as street entertainment despite this. Senaa Samma appeared at St.


Some people think of sword swallowing as a magic trick. After all, as with most magic tricks, sword swallowing doesn’t seem like something that should be possible. It can be a little easier to accept the idea that it’s all an illusion than to believe that a person can guide a long piece of metal all the way into his or her gut.

If you’ve ever watched a sword-swallowing performance, you may have also gotten the impression that the performer is trying to gain the audience’s trust, just like a magician does. He might invite members of the audience to join him on stage to inspect the swords — or even pull them from his mouth. Several sources support the idea that there’s a trick to sword swallowing.

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All the latest in royals, celebrity, hacks, health and travel straight to your inbox. A professional sword swallower – who can easily gulp a inch blade – admits she is dicing with death every time she goes on stage. Despite knowing it could kill her, daredevil Lilith Revere loves nothing more than getting on stage and swallowing sharp swords — up to 19 inches long — in front of stunned audiences.

The year-old has never been a stranger to the stage, with both her parents having careers in performance and Lilith singing and acting when she was younger. In her early twenties, the stunning redhead began circus classes and became a skilled contortionist, which led her to first try out sword swallowing in This can be very interesting with an excited audience. That risk only increases when swallowing multiple swords at once.

Sword Swallowing

Sword swallowing is risky. That much should be obvious. Major complications are more likely when the swallower is distracted or swallows multiple or unusual swords or when previous injury is present. Perforations mainly involve the oesophagus and usually have a good prognosis. Sore throats are common, particularly while the skill is being learnt or when performances are too frequent.

Major gastrointestinal bleeding sometimes occurs, and occasional chest pains tend to be treated without medical advice.

Being one of the last surviving female sword swallowers, this circus act is constantly in high demand as she holds several world and Guinness records for her.

Swallowing swords takes a steady hand and the willingness to hazard the occasional sore throat and pierced esophagus. Some of the best photos in their archive date back to the s, when sword swallowers like Edith Clifford , who learned the art at the age of 13 and could swallow 24 swords simultaneously, razor blades, bayonets, and saws. When she was a veteran, Harry Houdini witnessed her act and described her routine as such:.

In , The Boston Herald touted her abilities as follows:. By long practice she has accustomed herself to swallow swords, daggers, bayonets, walking sticks, rods, and other dangerous articles. Her throat and food passages have become so expansive that she can swallow three long swords almost up to the hilts, and can accommodate a dozen shorter blades.

Sword Swallower Lucky to Be Alive After 13 Blade Trick Goes Very Wrong

Henshaw was born April 27, Infatuated with an interest in pirates from a young age, Blade learned the art of sword swallowing at the age of 27 in from a native American when Henshaw lived in the US. Patrick Fraher of Arizona knew Blade before he got started sword-swallowing.

Sword swallowing is an ancient art dating back to India before B.C., where it was used primarily as “a demonstration of divine union and.

And yet, there they were, nearly a dozen sword swallowers in the lobby at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Times Square last Saturday, all ready to drop sword in honor of the 7th annual Sword Swallowers Day. Some of the swallowers, like Rush Hicks, said he swallowed swords because he’s a “natural born freak. Alicea Diaz, 22, said she was downing steel blades to pay her way through nursing school at Rutgers University. The celebration, which took place at exactly to coincide with the date at Ripley’s Believe it or Not locations around the country, was organized by Dan Meyer, a record-holding sword swallower and founder of the Sword Swallowers Association International.

He wanted to start a day to raise awareness of sword swallowers, raise funds for swallowing disorders, and highlight the contributions sword swallowers have made to the fields of science and medicine. Professionals prepare to swallow.

By the Sword: The Science of Sword-Swallowing

Our vendors are available for in-person, contactless or virtual services and all bookings are covered by Our Guarantee. View our resources for safely hosting events. Search for local vendors, request free price quotes, and book with confidence backed by our guarantee. Sally Marvel is a Chicago-based sideshow and burlesque performer. She is a member of an elite group of dangerous dames being one of approximately 50 known female sword swallowers world wide!

The sword swallower, from the illustrated book Jazz. Alternate image of The sword swallower by Henri Matisse Date.

By Hannah Furness , Arts Correspondent. A sword swallower who nearly died after accidentally cutting his own windpipe during a live show is to appear on the opera stage for the first time, as he returns to his signature move. Hannibal Hellmurto, who trained as a circus performer, tore his oesophagus live on stage, while performing a trick to swallow a neon tube of light.

He spent eight weeks in hospital after the accident, unable to eat or drink by himself and undergoing a tracheotomy to help him breathe. He will play one of a dozen fairground workers from Coney Island who appear in the English National Opera show, set in the s, as “sinister circus freak show acts”. British politicians ‘scared to show their faces’ at opera. Opera ruined by ‘useless quest for novelty’.

Sword-swallowing Geeks – Science on the Web #18