Templar Knight Sword

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Knights Templar sword

Object Record. Object Name Sword Catalog Number No date, circa , presented to Otto F. Reese

The sword and scabbard are in good condition and date to circa late ‘s to the early ‘s. The leather scabbard does show some drying from age. The sword.

Not one mention of a sword associated with Tomar at all, never mind one with Templar provenance. If these artefacts are genuine discoveries, they should have been presented to subject specialists for examination and analysis, yet they apparently have not been. Series historian Dan Jones even alludes to this in a Daily Mail article ;. As for the two owners, these quotes from the same article are hardly encouraging;.

Refuse to reveal the immediate provenance and threaten any sceptics with legal action. The sword appears to be a genuine relic condition European sword, and the three crosses pattee — two encircled crosses inlaid into the blade and another simpler cross on the pommel — also appear to be original to the piece.

Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, the thing seems to lack any provenance whatsoever, despite appearing in a 45 minute long programme supposedly devoted to finding some. First the two show the sword to Dan Jones, who although a bona fide historian, is no arms and armour specialist. Why did they not approach the Royal Armouries or the Wallace Collection?

This is just not so. Although a cross is referred to in this bull, the exact design of the cross is not specified.

Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Sword

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Dating a knights templar sword. This authentic reproduction boasts a traditional black scrimshaw and a white ABS grip and masonic beautifully decorated with.

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Knights Templar (Freemasonry)

Joseph A. Auteri draws his sword and hands it to his Grand Prior, Patrick Carney, who brings it down through a layer of yellow icing, cutting a large birthday cake in half. A couple of hundred people cheer. The crowd is mostly dressed in business attire, but Auteri is wearing medieval-style armor: a shirt of steel-link mail, a mail coif on his head, plate armor on his shoulders and white linen robes emblazoned with a red cross.

The First Knight Templars St. Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter must have been formed befère this date, but very little documentation exists. an army of Christian freemasons who have sworn to «hold their swords ever ready to be drawn in the.

The sword brings a unique feeling of strength and chivalry. Handed down through the ages, romantic legends tell of its mystical powers for right and might. Today it provides a symbol of rank and authority. It has been traditionally used by the military and fraternal organizations. However, it is becoming accepted as a superb presentation gift for academic and business achievement. No other possession can be personalized and handed down from generation to generation.

The ancient craft of sword making is alive and well in the United States. The United States Sword Company has recreated the original impeccable artwork and finish of years gone by. All blades with etching are done using acid. This provides a deep etching which allows us to bronze fill the design with amazing detail. All blades are nickel plated diamond steel.


Today, the standard explanation reproduced in The Da Vinci Code why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky is that it was on this date the Knights Templar were rounded up with papal authorisation in , tortured into confessing heresy and blasphemy, their unrepentant leaders killed by various cruel means. The idea is the Order died with him when he was executed after 7 years captivity, in Many other Templars of course did not last that long, the effects of torture shortening their lives. Others were left maimed or crippled, in no shape to carry on the Order in disguise.

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Forum Rules. Advertise Here! What is it? What Is It? The Best Of Results 1 to 11 of Masonic Knight Templar Sword? Hi- What a great site for the appreciation of historical artifacts! Because of this website, I have a pretty good idea of the sword I have, but wanted to just get a double check. The pommel depicts a knights head with a black grip.

The blade has crusader scenes engraved into with along with the name “James M Scott”. Not sure what the sheath is made out of, but it does include some scenes on it as well. Will anyone be able to take a look at the pictures to confirm if this in fact a Masonic Knight Templar Sword?

Possible Knights Templar hoard dating back 800 years to be unveiled

Superb Masonic Knights Templar sword and scabbard. I’ve had this in my collection for a while and am starting to downsize. This is a top-quality American-made sword from the firm of M.

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masonic knights templar sword & scabbard ca 1890s

Knights Templar History. Medieval Knights Templar History. Sources from those times gave this initial date as or or due to use of different calendars and records, with the middle date now being generally accepted. The celebrated purpose of the Knights Templar was to protect the Christian pilgrims now streaming into the Holy Land, because the Islamic Saracens who had held the land in prior years were still roaming the countryside and preying on the pilgrims.

The lofty mountains bordering the sea-coast were infested by bold and warlike bands of fugitive Mussulmen, who maintained themselves in various impregnable castles and strongholds, from whence they issued forth upon the high-roads, cut off the communication between Jerusalem and the sea-ports, and revenged themselves for the loss of their habitations and property by the indiscriminate pillage of all travellers.

There the the officers of the Church formally approved the formation of the Templar Order.

This page is about a Masonic organization. For the medieval Knights Templar, see Knights pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar. It is postulated that any existing Masonic imagery was likely added at a later date, probably in the s when James St Clair-Erskine, 3rd Earl of Rosslyn.

He is thus doubly-armed, and need fear neither demons nor men. Our Templar sword has a full length carbon steel blade. Multiple fullers blood grooves running down its length, with semi-sharp edges. The cross guard and pommel are made from alloy. It comes with a wooden scabbard finished in mat black, with belt mounting frog. Would highly recommend if your a sword or history enthusiast, or just appreciate that medieval swords are cooler than katanas, I would highly recommend purchasing this.

My only negative comment is that I cannot get the sword frog into the KT belt, but that is a minor problem. Beautiful sword and very well made. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required.