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Know more. Load More. The brief facts leading to filing of Therefore, the revision petitioners have filed I. The expert has given his opinion on the documents without any opinion as to the age of the ink used in the documents Exs. As observed by the Apex Court, in the above It is observed that when the dispute as to the tampering with antedate and determination It also referred the expression of Kambala supra where observed mere determination of age of ink , even there exists any facility for that purpose; cannot, by it

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The chemical analysis of writing and printing inks, as well as paper, can be invaluable when trying to prove whether a document is fraudulent. Ink dating is a highly specialized forensic examination and considered to be one of the most accurate and reliable methods to help determine the age of a document. An ink formulation can be identified to a specific manufacturer to ascertain the first date of commercial availability. If an entry is dated in , but the ink was not available until then the document could not have been created in Inks contain chemical solvents that evaporate and generally go through a drying process that can last up to 2 years.

Comparing Writing Inks. Chemical analysis can be conducted on a suspicious entry to determine if it is consistent with other associated or surrounding writings. Multiple inks can be chemically compared with each other to corroborate or refute whether the entries were created contemporaneously or produced over multiple periods of time. Forensic Analysis of Printers and Copiers.

Ink analysis and dating can also be conducted on machine printed document such as inkjet ink and toner from photocopiers, laser printers, and facsimile machines.

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Phipps finds going tough at ATL pension fraud trial Tough day for Knight ATL prosecution overshadows attorney Expert found that forged letters were stacked together and signed Defence now cries foul; says prosecution causing delays. EXPERT witness Erich Speckin maintained under cross-examination in the Appliance Traders Limited ATL pension fraud case that the four letters purporting to give consent for the distribution of funds from the pension scheme were stacked together and signed.

Phipps had asked Speckin if he could tell if heat had been applied to the letters when they were stacked together. But the witness said that he could only opine that the letters were stacked together while being signed. However, Phipps during his examination of the witness did not question him on his findings that the signature was impressed upon letters that should have been signed years before or after.

Date: 11 Nov, Kartar Singh held that age of the ink cannot be dete the trial Court the expert had stated that the determination of the age of writings and.

There are typically two different forensic methods for ink dating. With this method the forensic analysis determines the components in the ink, compares them against a library of standards and then allows an opinion regarding the first date that particular ink was manufactured commercially available. The dynamic approach is very useful in determining if a pen ink was placed on a document on its purported date, i. There are only a handful of forensic scientists capable of performing these tests and laboratories equipped with the proper tools.

The proposed tests are minimally invasive, the latter two involving the placement of pinhole perforations in the text, paper and signatures on the Original Document. The pinholes themselves are not typically easily visible unless the document is held up to light, and the testing has no negative effect on handwriting analysis. All of the proposed testing follows Court approved testing methods, e. Under appropriate circumstances, the Court may order destructive testing of all or some portion of the physical item in question.

Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc. Inks appearing on questioned documents may be examined for the purpose of comparing with other inks on the same document, with ink on other documents or even with ink in seized pens. Sequence of entry can sometimes be determined.

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The visual appearance of inks is only one clue to their composition. Sometimes two inks can look identical to the naked eye but further tests may be able to distinguish between them. Where possible non-destructive tests are used. For example inks can be examined using infra red or ultraviolet reflectance at various wavelengths or using visible light but examining emissions from the ink in the infra red area of the spectrum infra red luminescence. Our examiners use an instrument known as a VSC HR to carry out non-destructive specialised lighting examinations.

Inks may also be distinguished by other more complex chemical tests but these are likely to be destructive to some extent. Differentiating inks can be important in cases where a document is suspected of having been altered. A classic example is where a zero is added to a cheque making the value ten times as much. The ‘dating‘ of inks is a hugely complex area and depends to a large extent on the conditions used to store the document that bears the ink.

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Keywords: 6: indirect dating methods have been backdated.

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But this technique is also able to overcome other stumbling blocks relating to the amount of ink deposited when writing and the type of paper used, as these variables hamper the dating of a document by means of traditional methods. What is more, the new technique reduces the number of punctures needed to analyse the writing on a document to just one. Determining the age of a document to find out whether it is authentic is a task influenced by the type of paper on which it has been written, the pressure of the stroke -the amount of ink deposited when the writing was done- or even the technique used.

Until now, document dating methods have been able to indicate whether the writing was relatively new less than 90 days or older over two years , yet this chronological accuracy is insufficient in certain cases, above all in judicial ones. Each document was produced at different moments using a different ink stroke pressure, factors that may alter the results and lead to dating errors.

What to look for on the back of a painting — an expert guide ‘As well as signing​, naming and dating his works on the reverse, the British artist Ben Nicholson Initially these numbers were stencilled in black ink, while other.

Forensic Document Examination Services. Forensic Document Examiner is a small but efficient company for scientifically examining forensic documents in the UK. Kate has examined thousands of cases involving disputed documents in the UK and Ireland, for both the prosecution and defence, and also as a single joint expert witness. A forensic document examiner studies documentation which is suspected of being forged or counterfeit in order to present their findings in a legal context.

A court-worthy report is then prepared which can be used as expert witness evidence in a court of law. Often expert reports are read to the court and occasionally experts are required to attend court to present their own evidence and answer questions in person. Cases involving internal company investigations or family disputes can also be examined on behalf of private corporations and members of the public. If you have a forensic document query, please contact us on or seek the advice of a trained solicitor who will advise you on the legal issues of your case.

Your solicitor can then contact us, either by e-mail, post or phone to discuss the best way to submit your case. Your solicitor will need to include a covering letter formally instructing our expert, together with the items for examination. Please also refer to our guidelines on how to submit a case to ensure that your paperwork is packaged correctly and dispatched to us safely. Cases involving questioned handwriting or signatures may include items such as wills, threat letters, cheques, company accounts, job applications and letters of reference, contracts of sale, marriage or divorce papers, invoices, insurance paperwork, bank account applications and graffiti.

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Know more. Load More. The brief facts leading to filing of this rev Therefore, the revision petitioners have filed I. The expert has given his opinion on the documents without any opinion as to the age of the ink used in the documents Exs. As observed by the Apex Court, in the above If point No. Thus, from the above, it is clear that there is an organization called Nutron Activation Analysis In a given case, the ink , or for that matter, the pen, may have It is observed that when the dispute as to the tampering with antedate and determination

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