About International Women’s Day

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Why International Women’s Day Is Celebrated on March 8

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20th-century international relations, history of the relations between states The first half of the century was dominated by the rivalries of the great powers. while the residual habits of diplomacy dating from the Congress of.

Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to honoring the achievements of women throughout history and all across the globe, and is typically a day for women from all different backgrounds and cultures to band together to fight for gender parity and women’s rights. This year, International Women’s Day occurs on a Sunday and will be celebrated with the special theme, EachforEqual. But before you start celebrating all the influential female figures in your own life, take a look back at the fascinating history behind this special day — including why International Women’s Day is celebrated, when the holiday was first established, and how exactly you can join in on the celebration this year.

The day, collectively founded by women, also brings attention to gender parity and women’s rights. Gender parity is a statistical measure that compares women and men through their income, education, and work hours, among other points. This sociological metric helps researchers understand how society is progressing or regressing in specific areas.

With over a century of history, IWD is a growing movement centered around unity and strength. On March 8, February 23 in the former Russian calendar , tens of thousands of Russian women took to the streets demanding change. The unified cry for help paved the way for Russian women to be granted voting rights soon after. The first theme was “Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future.

Let’s all be EachforEqual. The IWD campaign theme draws on the notion of “collective individualism,” which refers to the idea that every individual is a part of a whole, and that an individual’s actions, behaviors, and mindsets can all have an impact on larger society. There are many ways you can participate in the celebration for International Women’s Day, including joining in on the numerous events that will be held worldwide.

These special events will span from global gatherings and informative conferences to powerful art exhibitions and festivals, and will be held by women’s networks, charities, political parties, corporations, and other communities.

20th-century international relations

How does one write a date on the Web? There are so many formats available, most of them incompatible with others, that it can be a usability nightmare to choose a date representation when writing for an international, cross-cultural audience, as is the case on the web. Fortunately, there is one solution in the ISO-developed international date format. The worst potential usability problems come when the date is written only with numbers as in the following example, because the date’s interpretation will be different from one country to another.

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The First International Mathematics Study, conducted in the s, involved 13 year-old Four IEA studies dating back to the mid- s are reviewed here.

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The first half of the century, the age of the World Wars and the start of the Cold War , was dominated by the rivalries of those powers. The second half saw the replacement, largely through the agency of those wars, of the European state system by a world system with many centres of both power and discord. This article provides a single integrated narrative of the changing context of world politics, from the outbreak of World War I to the s.

Forty-three years of peace among the great powers of Europe came to an end in , when an act of political terrorism provoked two great alliance systems into mortal combat.

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The United Nations began celebrating the day in Commemoration of International Women’s Day today ranges from being a public holiday in some countries to being largely ignored elsewhere. The following year on March 19, , IWD international women’s day was marked for the first time, by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. They also protested against employment sex discrimination. In , International Women’s Day was held on March 8 in Germany, possibly because that day was a Sunday, and now it is always held on March 8 in all countries.

In London there was a march from Bow to Trafalgar Square in support of women’s suffrage on March 8, On March 8, , on the Gregorian calendar , in the capital of the Russian Empire , Petrograd , women textile workers began a demonstration, covering the whole city. This marked the beginning of the February Revolution , which alongside the October Revolution made up the Russian Revolution. But we did not imagine that this ‘Women’s Day’ would inaugurate the revolution.

Revolutionary actions were foreseen but without date. But in the morning, despite the orders to the contrary, textile workers left their work in several factories and sent delegates to ask for support of the strike… which led to mass strike Following the October Revolution , the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai and Vladimir Lenin made it an official holiday in the Soviet Union, [ citation needed ] but it was a working day until On May 8, , by the decree of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet International Women’s Day was declared a non-working day in the USSR “in commemoration of the outstanding merits of Soviet women in communistic construction, in the defense of their Fatherland during the Great Patriotic War, in their heroism and selflessness at the front and in the rear, and also marking the great contribution of women to strengthening friendship between peoples, and the struggle for peace.

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